Keep Cozy With An Electric Mattress Pad

Whether you go to sleep watching the northern lights dance across the sky of Alaska or staring at the blue moon hanging above the hills of Kentucky, you know that winter nights can chill you to the bone. With today’s economic conditions, many people are finding it more difficult to pay for basic utilities.

As energy prices soar, you may be forced to cut corners like dropping the thermostat on your central air unit. However, sometimes just dropping the overall household temperature does not produce significant savings. Lowering your thermostat just a few more degrees at night could help reduce these exorbitant costs, but you may find it challenging to keep warm on those especially frigid nights.

You need a viable solution that won’t hurt your wallet, but will keep you cozy at night. Investing in an electric or heateded mattress pad may be the answer to your dilemma.

Everything Old Is New Again
The sleepwarmer mattress pad is much like the electric blankets of old. The basic idea and construction are the same. Heated wires placed within a soft fabric padding provide extra warmth during the coldest of winter nights. Instead of placing it over your body, you simply place it atop your mattress or other sleeping surface. One obvious advantage is no more blanket hog!

The pad affixes to the mattress beneath the sheet and does not move. Another difference is that the wires in the electric blankets of yesteryear were bulky and quite uncomfortable. Today the wire assemblies are much smaller and nearly undetectable through the thick fabric filler of the electric heated mattress pad adding to its comfort level. You do not need any special adapters either. You simply plug your mattress pads into any standard one hundred ten volt outlet and you are ready to go.

Best In Brand Name Pads
The most lauded brand is the Sunbeam electric mattress pad. Several sizes and varieties are available, but all offer the high quality that we’ve come to expect from the Sunbeam brand.

Other brands of electric pads are warm to the touch much like a heating pad, requiring temperature adjustments periodically to prevent perspiring or chilling. Sunbeam’s award winning product incorporates a “ThermoFine wiring system” which measures approximately three sixteenth of an inch in diameter enveloped in one hundred percent nonwoven polyester fiber making it virtually unnoticeable.

Microsensors located within the pad adjust with the changing room temperature for consistent warmth through the entire night. This feature is also called zoned heating which means more numerous and strategically located heating coils alleviate cold feet. A thick, quilted top protects the bed, and provides enough padding for the sleeper to use as a mattress topper whether it is plugged in or not.

Most of the Sunbeam heated pads have ten heat settings but up to twenty settings are available. The queen, king, double  and twin mattress only have silent, dual controls allowing for the optimal comfort of both partners. For added convenience, it is machine washable with a cord nearly six feet long. Sunbeam offers a five year manufacturer’s warranty which proves they stand by their product with confidence in its construction and durability.

Many consumer reviews rate the Sunbeam heated mattress pad with the top rating of five stars plus. Actual customer descriptions included cozy, toasty, and awesome. Several reviewers said they loved it and would definitely recommend it to others. The most popular features that actual customers raved about were the preheating and the automatic shut off features. Reviewers described the preheating feature as subtle but nearly instant. The automatic shut off feature is a must for the energy conscious or the forgetful.

A king sized warming mattress pad can be purchased for as little as $65.00 with prices going up according to the brand name, quality and thickness. A queen size electric mattress cover runs about the same in price again depending on the brand and quality you desire.  For the best deals, do shop around, it seems with the downward economy there are deals to be had in every area.

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